Friday, August 27, 2010

There goes my baby

This week Buddy turned 3 years old...he is getting so big so fast. This morning I made it my mission to take down his crib and to redo his bed for him using a Toy Story theme (that his sweet Nana bought for him) so that he could have a "big boy bed". This was heart wrenching.
As I was disassembling the side of the crib that comes off (it's a crib that turns into a toddler bed), I was reminded of the day when JJ and I (well JJ at least) were putting the crib together anxiously awaiting his arrival. I can't remember the exact day we assembled it but I know we were only a few weeks away from his birth. We had waited so long because I had a miscarriage (that's a whole other post) before I got pregnant with Jeremiah and I had such a tough pregnancy with being in and out of the hospital with high blood pressure, protein in my urine on a regular basis, gestational diabetes, and kidney stones. For a while the doctor told us she would deliver Jeremiah at 29 weeks because of my health.
I think that we were both a little afraid to hope that we would be holding our baby, we had gone through so much the previous ten months. I remember JJ telling me when we were putting the crib up "I didn't think that this was going to happen. I was too afraid to hope." But God shined on us and we made it to 37 1/2 weeks and our beautiful baby boy was born.

We are so lucky. This little guy has brought so much joy into our lives. It makes me so sad to know that he is our last child (unless God intervenes) and that he is growing up so fast. Before I know it, he will be riding a bike, going to his friends house to hang out, going to camps, and getting a girlfriend.

So right now I will not cry, I will try hard not to be sad. I will cherish each and every moment I have with him. When he cries for me in the middle of the night, I will go to him because I know before long he will no longer think it is manly to cry. When he wants me to read a book to him "just a ill bit" (little bit) even though I have already read it twice, I will because pretty soon he will be able to read on his own. When he wants "one more kiss" before bed time, I will close my eyes, remember what his sweet kisses feel like because in the not too far future he won't allow me to kiss him anymore and I know, that I will miss this.
(Sorry the pics in this post are so bad. I was using my iPhone.)

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