From the Mouths of Tadpoles

This page was created for me to archive all the funny, embarassing, silly, and down right hilarious things my children have said.

So tonight I was watching Biggest Loser with Buddy and Binky. There was a lady on there with major cleavage. Buddy turns to me and says "Hers got big pecs!" Guess my little man is gonna be a "pec" man!

Tonight we were over at my parents house (Nana and Papa's) having dinner (Shepherd's of my favorites). Buddy was not eating very well and was acting up so Papa told him "If you don't start eating, I'm going to call your Daddy. " Buddy simply replied "Call my Daddy. I want to talk to him." Guess that one didn't work huh, Dad?

Buddy was playing with the duck hunt game gun that goes to my Nintendo. He walked over to his dad, put the gun up to his dad's head and said, "Give me pennies...Give me my pennies". We have no idea where he got this from!

Tonight Binky came over to kiss Buddy good night and he turned his cheek and said, "Don't kiss me. I'm not in the mood." Wonder where he got that one from.