Friday, August 20, 2010

The Bell Frogs and TOO MUCH BIRTHDAY!

August is always a busy month for us. Two of our kids have birthdays in the month of August along with my sister in law, J.J.'s uncle, his best friend, and Binky has two good friends that also have birthdays in August, so basically we end up partying all month.

Birthdays are a big deal for us in the Bell household. The kids always get to celebrate on the date of their birthday by going out to eat (their choice) or cake and ice cream at home with family. Then they have a "friends" birthday party on the weekend of their birthday, and then we will celebrate that Sunday with lunch at a restaurant of their choice.

Last week was Binky's birthday, she turned 9! She had partied so hard for three days straight with a family birthday dinner on Thursday night, circus, ears pierced, and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen on Friday, then her "friend" party on Saturday followed by a slumber party for her BFF whose birthday is five days after hers. By Sunday morning, her BFF's mom called me because she had fever...I diagnosed it as TOO MUCH BIRTHDAY!

Today is the first day Binky has been fever free. Apparently we will need to make some changes for next year, this is too much! In the meantime, enjoy a few pics from her birthday PARTIES!(Notice the THREE different outfits over THREE different days. Cringe!)

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