Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A love affair is a wondrous thing????

Yes, I admit it. I am having an affair. This affair has gone on for most of my life.

This affair is like many others. We love each other, we hate each other. We get together, we break up and separate from one another. Time goes by and we realize we cannot stay apart from each other for very long and then we are back at square one and back into a relationship that only brings pain.

Many women have this kind of affair but we all have them differently. Some women hide this affair and only act on this affair after the family is asleep or when the kids are away at school. Some women are bold and are not afraid to show their love for this thing but then they make themselves violently ill later and regret their rendevous with this illicit lover. Some women stay as far away from this temptation and then end up destroying their body, mind, and soul.

I am ready to reveal this wooer's identity today....I have an insane love affair with food.

When I wake up, I think about what I am going to eat. When I am eating, I think about what my next meal will be. When I go to bed at night, I am thinking about where I will stop at for breakfast the next morning. I never have a moments rest from this affair.

Food makes me happy. I get excited about trying new recipes. I get excited about going to new restaurants and trying new foods. When I want to celebrate something, I go out to eat. When I plan a family night out, I plan it around where we are going to eat.

Food is all encompassing for me and I am tired. I am tired of fighting this affair but I am tired of giving in to it. I am tired of feeling this way and looking this way because like a new lover, I have let this affair take on a life of its own and it is consuming me. I am addicted to this lover and I want the affair to stop. I just don't know how to tell it no.