Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Whew! I'm finally back from our Florida vacation and things should be settling down now. As you know, J.J. and I went on a week cruise at the end of May. When we came back, I was home for two weeks and then I went off to Florida for a family reunion with my dad, mom, and the kids (hubby had to work). I can't believe next Thursday will be the first day of July. Time sure does fly by.

The family reunion was really nice. It was in Port St. Lucie. My Grandaddy, Nana, brother, sister-in-law, aunts, uncles, and several cousins were all there. I really enjoyed the visit except for the part when my 86 year old Nana got very ill and ended up having to have emergency surgery. However, she is doing much better but please keep her in your prayers.

Along with visiting Port St. Lucie, we also spent a few days at Daytona Beach where we saw jellyfish, dolphins, crabs, and stingrays that were swimming in the water along with us. The girls spent most of their time in the ocean boogie boarding. They had a blast. My mom (who has always been afraid of the water) also jumped in and spent some time catching waves on the board.

The last two days of our trip we stayed in Orlando at a beautiful resort where we had a two bedroom suite the size of a large apartment. The kids had a great time in the pool there and Jay and Binky even participated in slide races that they had at the pool. They didn't win but they had a lot of fun. Our last night in Florida was spent at Dowtown Disney where we ate at the T-Rex Cafe (SO MUCH FUN!) and ate a pie pan filled with 8 scoops of ice cream along with syrup toppings, nuts, sprinkles, and way too much whip cream! (Papa was in all his glory.)

We had a lot of fun and I feel so blessed to be able to be apart of such an amazing family!!!

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