Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Divinely Blessed

A few weeks ago my graduation announcements arrived in the mail. Oh what a exciting day that was. Before I ordered them I sat down to write down names of who I would like to send them to. It ended up that I had about 75 people I definitely wanted to invite so I ordered 100 of the announcements to get a good price by buying in bulk. Early this morning I again sat down with a church directory and my address book and reevaluated who I was sending announcements to. It turns out I should have probably ordered 150 instead.
I turned to my supervising teacher and shared the news that I should have bought more and she was amazed. She told me that she probably had three people who showed up for her graduation. She said I was lucky to have so many people that care about me. I agreed with her that yes, I am very blessed to be surrounded by a large family and so many friends. She went on to share with me that other than her mother and a couple other obscure family members, she only had her husband and kids left in this world.
The thought of that made me sad for her, but it did remind me of how truly blessed I am to have so many people that love me and that love my family. Yes, family drives you crazy but they are always there for you no matter what. They may not agree with every decision you make and you may feel the same way about them but in the end, they've got your back. I feel so blessed to have so much family. Not only do I have my biological mom's family and my dad's family but I also have my step mom's family and my husband's family that I love and adore.
I have so many people supporting me, rooting for me, loving me and my family. How can I do anything but say "I am DIVINELY Blessed."

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