Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Y'all!

If you are my friend on Facebook, you know that the day after Thanksgiving, I decided to start a 33 day challenge to post daily something I was thankful for. This idea came to me when I begin to question why we only have one day designated to being thankful. There is so much in the world that I know I personally have to be thankful to God for so why couldnt I continue this season of thankfulness? I decided to challenge myself to every day until the beginning of the new year, to find one thing to be thankful for. Sometimes it was very easy. On the day I had to get up early for work, I was thankful to actually have a job to get up and go to. One day I was thankful for such a simple thing as being able to enjoy a yummy slice of pizza at Grimaldis. Some days I thanked God for my kids and my family. One day recently was particularly hard and on that day I was just simply thankful for being able to crawl up under my nice warm covers and that I made it through the day.

It didn't really matter what I was thankful for on each day, it only mattered that I actually took time to stop and reflect on the many blessings God has given me. There were days it was easy to see my blessings and then there were days when my kids drove me crazy, work was tough, my husband was distant, and overall, I just wanted those days to hurry up and be over with. But I still searched and found things to be thankful for. During this journey, I realized how much I enjoyed counting my blessings. I realize that so many people have it so much worse than I do and I really am blessed. I don't want to stop my thanks. I don't want to stop praising Him and thanking Him for his grace that He renews with me everyday. I don't want to stop saying "Thank you Lord. I don't deserve all the things you do for me but Lord, I thank you, thank you for them."

With this in mind I have decided to continue this season of thanksgiving in my life. I have decided to dedicate every Thursday to look specifically for the small things to be thankful for. Those things that aren't always staring me in the face but those little mercies and blessings He gives to us everyday. Whether it be on Facebook or here on my blog, I have decided that Thirsday will now be called Thankful Thursdays. If you wish to join me, I would be more than thrilled. Let's shout it from the roof tops how good our God is! I am so excited about this new's time to sweat the small stuff people and start looking for those little blessings in life. Afterall, your life (and mine) is FULL of them.

Be Blessed,

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  1. Love it and I want to joy in on the fun!!

    Sami Menendez