Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Look, New Puppy, I must be crazy!

Today I decided to give my blog a makeover. It was getting a little boring around here lately and I was ready for something new, something to spice up my blog. I have a little bit of self diagnosed ADD and I get bored with things pretty quickly. But getting bored with my blog was not something I wanted to let happen so I opted for a new layout design. Isn't it adorable? You can find your own layout design at and the best thing about the website's backgrounds...they're free! Gotta love that!

In other news, we adopted a puppy. Well, let me rephrase that...I found a puppy off the street, brought him home where we discovered he was sick, took him to the vets, found out he had Parvo, and now he is trying to recover at the vets over the next few days. We are praying this precious puppy makes it. The kids just love him, I love him, and I do not want to have to teach them this life/death lesson so soon after getting a puppy that they have wanted for SO long. So if you wouldn't mind dear reader, could you say a little prayer for our Pumpkin and that he makes a full recovery from this horrible virus? And please, please, please remember to get your pet vaccinated. Parvo is completely preventable if dogs are vaccinated appropriately and on time.

Have a good night!

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